Release faster, and automate more

Loic is a C-Level system engineer equipped with a unique combination of advanced knowledge and expertise in the IT field: security, infrastructure, automation, and data streaming. After graduating from one of the top schools in Europe for computer science, he started to build his international career first by taking part in a one-year exchange program at the top Russian university for telecommunications, second by moving to the UAE and serving as a CTO for startups and governmental institutions. Being genuinely enthusiastic about the Tech Universe, he mastered the skills of managing large systems, high traffic websites, and applications, and creating/maintaining cost-effective infrastructure.

Top Technologies:

  • Programming languages: Erlang, Python, Elixir, Go, Rust
  • DataStores: PostGreSQL, TimescaleDB, Warp10, Influx, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • OS/Virtualization/Containers: FreeBSD, Archlinux, Kata, Xen, Jails
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Rundeck, Ansible, Puppet, Travis, coveralls
  • Monitoring/Metrics/KPIs: Zabbix, TICK stack, ELK stack, Grafana, Monit/MMonit, Vector
  • Logs: Logentries, ELK stack, Loggly, Vespa
  • Others: RabbitMQ, NGiNX, Apache Pulsar